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About Pinconning Cheese Company

Pinconning is designated "The Cheese Capital of Michigan" because it is the home of the famous Pinconning brand of cheese. The Pinconning formula was created by Dan Horn who settled here in 1915. Currently, Pinconning Cheese is produced, along with other styles of cheese at several plants around the state. They produce our famous style of cheese under our special formula supervision.

Because of its formula, Pinconning cheese is ageable, which differentiates it from Wisconsin colby. The aging process is what gives Pinconning cheese its special and unique flavor. Here at The Pinconning Cheese Co., the cheese is aged up to 120 months.

Super sharp cheese is an original and can only be found at Pinconning Cheese Co., Deli and Fudge Shoppe. Nowhere else in Michigan can Pinconning cheese be found in the super sharp range. Product Information and Cheese Storage.

Did you know that our Pinconning Cheese is Gluten-rBGH-Antibiotic free! And the Milk is from grass fed cows.
Ingredients: Milk, Salt, Cheese cultures, Annatto, Chese color and Rennet. It's all natural!!!

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